Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017

Mysteriously Missing Monstrosities Pt IV: Re-working the Hypogean Travel Shenanigans Tables

So, a while back I posted to a social network about when I have my players roll for encounters, and one of my players remarked:

"At times, the roll roll more lookup lookup on other table think narrate results part takes slightly too long for my tastes. (I'm a sucker for flow, and as a GM rather make up something slightly boring on the spot than spending time on looking up the cool thing in the reference manual if it speeds up gameplay.)"

So, sure, I could just make stuff up, but then I like the Hypogean Karst  so much that I want to show it to the players, also in the travel encounters, without diverging too much through improvisation.

What's a GM/referee to do then? Of course, build better tools to support me at the table!