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Mysteriously Missing Monstrosities Pt III: Minotaurs

If there is one thing stressing Chthonic Codex is not meant to be a stand-alone product, it is the encounter tables in the back. Almost every section (common, uncommon, rare) for all kinds of terrain (surface, chthonic, ...) seems to have an entry that is not one of the Chthonic Creatures covered in the book/boxed set, so you will need to fall back on other write-ups ... or come up with your own.

So far, my missing monster write-ups were more or less off the cuff. This time around I peruse the MOSTROTON, which is part of Adventure Fantasy Game, the set of rules I am currently using to run the game. While the MOSTROTON is written for random monsters, the abilities and types help framing the Minotaur in AFG terms (not that it is very hard to begin with). Still it helps with the special abilities and ways to combine them. Without further ado:

Minotaur a la MOSTROTON

Level 4 Armoured[1] Badass[2] Giant[3] Humanoid
(medium armor, 2d6 damage, ignore shields)

[1]Natural light armor, rather than unarmored. Additionally worn scraps of metal bump armor to medium.
[2]Some extra levels, and an extra tier. Makes them more dangerous by virtue of level and Fighting capability
[3] Additional damage, ignores shields. These guys are tough!

So there is a minotaur, in three lines (name, abilities, statblock). Pretty good in my book. 
I could also have chosen Deadly for gouging with horns, but I felt like Minotaurs are too proud to use them except in excruciating circumstances ... but it gives me an idea for

Barbaric Minotaur

Level 5 Badass[2] Giant[3] Humanoid, Deadly[4]
(light armor, 2d6 damage, ignore shields, opt to gouge for deadly damage)

Natural light armor, and their barbary makes them a bit more hardy compared to their civilised counter parts. 

[4] Instead of fighting around shields, they simply trample and gouge opponents, which usually ends them.

But if there are Barbaric Minotaurs, are there also Noble ones? Maybe, but I feel like I start treading close to something already covered by the Bocklins of Chthonic Codex proper, so I will stop here ... for now.

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