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Chthonic Codex: Mysteriously Missing Monstrosities

Chthonic Codex is not complete. Some of this is on purpose, because the actual game world is different as you roll laws of reality, build your own Hypogea using the CHTHONOTRON, and come up with your own secret mysteries using the not-named-that-unfortunately MYSTATRON.
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Other things seem like innocent omissions. For example, while they're listed in different places, there are no stats for Giant Centipedes.

But, I rolled them up for my Hypogean map, and they did come up in a session I ran where they were determined to be young enough to be hexed into submission by a Chimerist.

And if one thing is creepy, it's a handful of Baby Giant Centipedes munching on stuff and going meep? anytime the controlling Chimerist does something un-motherly.

So, here goes:

Centipede, Giant, Baby

Baby Giant Centipedes are about the height of a smallish dog and about as long as two smallish dogs. They are omnivores that are mostly interested in feeding. Their black compound eyes may look cute, but few people can stand being tickled by the antennae. If left to their own devices, they will mostly feed, parents are able to direct them to other activities.

AFG: LVL1 Bug, 1 hit, DEF Medium. Special: Voracious Feeder.
OSR: HD1-1, Move 9, AC 6[13], Atk nibbling bite (1d4*), Save 18, AL N; CL/XP 1/15, Special: Voracious Feeder

Voriacious Feeder: After the first successful attack, further attacks have a bonus of +1 to hit and damage.

Centipede, Giant, Adult

After feeding for a while, Baby Giant Centipedes grow into Adult Giant Centipedes. The main difference is in size, and that Adult Giant Centipede bites are venomous and can get territorial if you stumble upon one of their dank, dark lairs full of Giant Centipede eggs.

AFG: LVL 4 Bug, DEF Medium. Special: Poisonous Bite. 
OSR: HD 4, AC 5[14], Atk poisonous bite (1d6+poison 1d6); Move 9, Save 15, AL N, CL/XP 5/240; Special: Poisonous Bite.

Poisonous Bite: On a successful hit, save or take poison damage. In addition to the extra damage, the poison is quite painful and reduces the victim's initiative by 1.

If you need to decide whether a bunch of Giant Centipedes the group runs into is made up of Babies or Adults, roll a d6 — 1: only babies; 2: 1 adult, the rest are babies; 3, 4: 1 baby, the rest are adults; 5-6: only adults. 

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