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Arrows Of The Dragon; a new set of magical arrows

These five arrows are feathered by a dragon's scales: One from the head, one from the tail, one from the chest, one from each clawed arm. If you shoot them, they move with the speed of a dragon diving for attack from great height, every round, for five rounds, until their target is in range, and then you roll to hit with the archer's to-hit-roll. On a hit, the target must make a save vs petrification or be horribly mutated into dragon spawn.

If the target makes the save, it just takes normal damage (thanks to +Brian Takle for this mechanic). On a miss, the arrow will automatically return to the largest amount of sibling arrows (i.e., if you hit a foe with three arrows, the fourth arrow will end up at the foe's feet and not in your quiver).

  • A dragon spawn being hit with an Arrow Of The Dragon will gain 2 hit dice to it's form, changing into a greater dragon spawn.
  • A greater dragon spawn being hit with another Arrow Of The Dragon will turn into a flightless, breath attack free version of the original dragon.
  • If the flightless form is hit with (or eating) another Arrow Of The Dragon, it will gain flight, but not yet have the breath attack.
  • If the dragon has been hit by or eaten all five arrows, it will regain it's true form.

Dragon Spawn

Vaguely scaly, humanoid, with claws. 3HD, Armor Class 6 (like leather), no magic abilities, 2 claw attacks (2d6, choose highest die for damage) THAC0 14. If killed, shrivels away, an arrow remains.

Greater Dragon Spawn

Definitely scaly, humanoid, with claws and a draconic head. 4HD, Armor  Class 4 (like chain), no magic abilities, 2 claw attacks, 1 bite (2d6 choose highest for claws, 1d10 for bite) THAC0 12. If killed, shrivels away to give you two arrows.

Flightless Form

Looks like  a dragon, wirh claws, bite, tail. 5HD, Armor Class 2 (like plate), no magic abilities, claw:claw:bite:tail (1d8 tail sweep) THAC0 11. If killed, yields 3 arrows.

Flying Form

Dragon regains flight, but no other magical abilities. If killed, yields 4 arrows.

Much to the relief of dragons, the ritual to create these dragons is long lost. Still, they scour the worlds for remaining sets to free their fellow dragons (or destroy the arrows so they won't be abused).

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